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A little about me... and my 30,000+ books and toys!
I've been a comic book collector for most of my 35+ years on the planet.  By 1992 I had a substantial amount of comics in my collection so I began setting up at comic shows.  I didn't travel too much, mainly staying within a couple of hours of my home in Raleigh, NC.  I met some good people (some of whom are on the links page) during that time and made some money as well. :)  Soon though I began to tire of the relocating and re-pricing of my books on a regular basis, although the shows themselves were fun.

Then came the internet!  I began selling comic books through Usenet (rec.arts.comics.marketplace) and made a lot of good purchases and sales.  After a couple of years of that, I graduated to eBay.  I've had a lot of fun buying and selling there, and will from time to time still put some of my books or artwork up for auction.  Follow the eBay link on my links page and check out my customer feedback there for some references.

Now we come to the present.  I've recently been buying some collections and frankly cannot spend the time that it takes to setup auctions on eBay for my entire inventory.  As you browse my online catalog you'll see what I mean!   So, I've designed this web site (online since June of 1999) which has my entire inventory online for you to peruse and shop from at your leisure.

I try to be available online most days from 6:00pm to 11:00pm EST.  I welcome international orders!!  Please send suggestions or comments about this web site to as I'd value your input on making this the best site it can be.  Meanwhile, take a look around and then check out the FAQs , Ordering, and Subscription links to see how we can do business together.