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General Frequently-Asked Questions
Where is your store located? Right here!

But seriously... I have been running an online-only storefront for the past 5 years. There is no brick-and-mortar location where you can visit me. Before that I sold at local comic book conventions and on eBay and the Usenet newsgroups. See About Me for more information about how I got started.

How much are my books/toys worth? I am sorry, but I don't have the time to look up values for items that you are not offering to me for purchase or in trade. While I do try to be courteous and helpful whenever I can, there are plenty of available price guides in print that you can use at a local book store or library to determine an approximate value for your collection.

When you are ready to offer your items to me for purchase or in trade, see the Buying/Trading Frequently-Asked Questions section of this page, if you have something I need, then I will be happy to price your books and make an offer.

Buying/Trading Frequently-Asked Questions
Do you accept trades? Yes, as long as it is something I need for my inventory or another customer.   Basically, if you have something and do not see it within my catalog it is possible that I might want or need it.  You can always send an email to with items that you have for trade.  If we accept each other's trade terms, then you must pay to ship your books to me but I will then pay to ship my books to you.

NEVER send me any books that I have not explicitly agreed to accept in advance, otherwise you will have to pay to have them returned to you.

How much credit do you allow in trade? Generally speaking, I will allow 30% to 60% of the book's value in trade.   The value is determined by either Wizard or Overstreet guide and my selling patterns.  In other words, Wizard might say it is worth more or less than I can sell it for and so my trades must be according to my actual proven sale prices.

I like newer books to be in VF or better condition, while older books (pre 1980) I will accept in most any condition as long as they are complete (i.e. no missing pages or cover).  It is to your benefit to also tell me what items you want to buy from me when you send me your trade list.  If you have something I want or need for another customer, and you want something that I have multiples of, then you are more likely to be given better credit for your books.

Do you purchase collections? Yes, if I need the books or at least a majority of them.  Send me a list of what you want to sell, including conditions, along with a price that you hope to get for them.  I will get back to you as soon as possible with either an offer or a polite declination.  If we accept each other's purchase terms, then you must ship me the books first for my inspection.  If the books are as you advertised them to me then I will reimburse you for shipping costs as well as my purchase offer.

** Please note **: Non-standard grading such as "great condition" really is not helpful to me since opinions differ.  Similarly, if you tell me a book is in "good" condition I have to assume you mean literally a G graded book that sells for about 10% of its NM value.  Also look at my site before sending me your list, because if I'm selling a book for $5 and you offer me the same book and ask that I pay you $5 or more for it then I'm not too likely to be interested in looking at your collection.

NEVER send me any books that I have not explicitly agreed to accept in advance, otherwise you will have to pay to have them returned to you.  Similarly, if you send me books that are not as you described them you will need to send me postage so I can send them back to you.

How much will you pay for my books? If I need them, I will generally pay 20% to 40% of their value.  This value will be determined by Wizard or Overstreet as compared to my actual sale prices.   Keep in mind that many of my books are priced below these guides.  In the event that I need something for another customer I might pay more.   Similarly, if you absolutely want to sell some books to me that I really do not need, I might make you an offer of 5% to 10% just to take them off your hands if I have an extra paycheck floating around :)